About Us

About Us

Serenity Therapeutic Massage opened in the Historic Montavilla Neighborhood in July of 2006.

Specializing in deep and relaxing therapeutic massage, without discomfort. I offer affordable massage therapy services in a safe and non-discriminatory environment. I value environmentally friendly practices, and use high-quality natural massage lotions, essential oils, candles, detergents, and cleaners.

Insurance Accepted

Does your insurance cover massage? I am currently accepting Regence and Providence. Not sure if your insurance covers massage therapy? I am happy to call and check your benefits for you. Sometimes massage is offered through a third party and may not be obvious.  

Brooke BrandSmith LMT License # 11149

I have enjoyed being a massage therapist in the Portland area since 2004. With my private practice opening in the Montavilla community in 2006. My massage practice is focused on providing deep and relaxing therapeutic massage; tailored to treat each clients specific muscular needs. Massage sessions can range from 30 to 90 minutes and range from treating one area (like neck & back) or treating from head to toes with specific focus where it’s needed.

Apart from business life, I love to spend my time either in Oregon’s fantastic outdoors exploring trails and campgrounds, or in my own kitchen crafting new recipes for baked goods or a delicious dinner. My passion is to provide you with a great massage that helps you to feel at ease in your body.

Appointments are available:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday 11 am – 6 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

To make an appointment, please call:
Phone: 971-322-6783
Email: [email protected]
or send us a request. 

Save time by filling out an Intake form (Note: Intake
forms are only necessary if this is your first
massage at Serenity. If you are using insurance
you must fill out a different form
 at the office)